The most power-full supercomputer at HPC Center (UVT), and also in Romania, is the newly come: BlueGene/P (BG/P).

UVT’s BG/P consists of an fully loaded single BlueGene/P rack that has move than 1000 CPUs and 4TB of RAM memory. It can offer a 11.7 TFlops sustained performance.

If you want to apply for an account that gives access to the BG/P resources you must fill and send the resource request form.

For more information on how to use the BG/P resources, use the wiki dedicated page.

Hardware specifications

UVT’s BlueGene/P has the following specifications:

  • computational power:
    • 1x BG/P Rack
      • CPU: 1024x Quad-Core PowerPC-450 850Mhz;
      • RAM: 4GB/CPU
      • inter-connect: 3D-Torus network
  • storage systems
    • 2x I/O Nodes
      • delivering storage, to the BlueGene/P rack, on a 10GbE Ethernet network;
    • 2x IBM DS3524 SAN’s
      • HDD: 48x 320GB SAS
      • connectivity: 10GbE Ethernet

Software specifications

The resources offered by the BG/P are accessible using IBM LoadLeveler resource and job manager. Developers has access to IBM XL Compilers for C, C++ and Fortran (different versions) and different software libraries like MPICH2 (modified to support BG/P programming model), OpenMP and MPIx (IBM MPI Library). Other libraries can be deployed on request.

flag_yellow_lowThis computing resource has been co-funded by the European Commission through the POSCCE program, contract no. 260 / 28.09.2010 (Institutul de Cercetări Avansate de Mediu (ICAM)). For more information regarding other programs co-financed by the European Commision please visit:

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