InfraGRID hardware specifications

InfraGRID cluster uses IBM BlaceCenter technology for the computational units, Infiniband high-speed inter-connect for communication and IBM N-series storage device for dedicate storage.

Computational power

InfraGRID cluster uses blade-center technology for the computational power and it has the following specifications:

  • 4x IBM BladeCenter-H:
    • 14x IBM blade servers HS22:
      • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon Quad-Core 2.00Ghz;
      • RAM: 10GB;
      • HDD: 145GB local SAS;
      • Connectivity:
        • 1x Infiniband 4x QDR (40Gbps);
        • 1x FiberChannel (4Gbps);
        • 2x Ethernet (1Gbps);

Connectivity details

InfraGRID cluster offers 3 different layers for connectivity:

  • Storage layer:
    • using 4Gbps FiberChannel Fabric;
  • High-speed inter-connect:
    • using 40Gbps 4xQDR Infiniband;
  • Administrative layer:
    • using 2x 1Gbps Ethernet switch;

So, each BladeCenter-H chassis will have:

  • 1x 40Gbps 4xQDR Infiniband switch:
    • 14x internal ports;
    • 16x external ports;
  • 1x 4Gbps FiberChannel Fabric:
    • 14x internal ports;
    • 8x external ports;
  • 2x 1Gbps Ethernet switch:
    • 14x internal ports;
    • 4x 1Gbps external ports;

Storage system

InfraGRID Storage is provided by two storage devices using IBM technology, and a total of 20TB raw storage space, as follows:

  • IBM N3600 NAS
    • supported connectivity:
      • FiberChannel;
      • iSCSI;
    • raw space:
      • 13 TB
  • IBM DS3400 SAN
    • supported connectivity:
      • FiberChannel;
    • raw space:
      • 7TB